Treasure Coast Mushroom Spores


The Treasure Coast strain of mushrooms spores comes to us from the Treasure Coast in Florida which runs along the Southern Gulf Coast. These mushrooms can be found growing in the wild near the Okefenokee swamp of Georgia, and the treasure coast strain has been a popular choice amongst scientists and amateur mycologists since spores of this strain have been available online for over 20 years now and have proven to be a reliable strain for studying.

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10cc mushroom spore syringes for sale for microscopic research.

The Treasure Coast strain is known for being a fast colonizer which makes it particularly useful for studying. The spores from this strain of mushroom spores are a dark purplish brown color, and are 11.5-17µm in diameter with an ellipsoid shape. The color of the Treasure Coast mushroom is often described as being albino, however it simply has a very pale coloration compared to other mushroom strains.

This variety produces smaller mushrooms when compared to others, with the caps generally growing to around just 15-20mm in diameter. The caps start off with a dome shape, becoming plane as they mature and even becoming upturned in full maturity. The color of the cap transitions from brown to golden brown to light yellow as it matures.

The stem of this strain tends to be white and silky smooth, reaching between 50mm and 125mm in length. When damaged or bruised, they exhibit a blueish green coloration common among most mushrooms.

This is a subtropical mushroom that like other varieties prefers enriched soils along with bovine or equine dung.

Be sure to check with your local state law regarding the legality of purchasing mushroom spores before making a purchase, as this is not allowed in every state throughout the U.S.

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