Thai Pink Buffalo Mushroom Spores


Known as Pink Buffalo or Thai Pink Buffalo, this Mushroom Spore strain was first discovered in Thailand. Its caps are large to very large caps and distinctive, often reddish-brown to cinnamon brown. Its stems are a massive 125 to 200 mm in length, and turn an intense blue when damaged. This exotic strain is beloved by microscopy researchers, who have called these spores nothing short of “exceptional.”

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The Thai Pink Buffalo, also known as Pink Buffalo, is an enchanted and exotic strain of mushrooms. Legend has it that it was first discovered by “Mushroom John” John Allen, who spotted the Thai Pink Buffalo in Thailand and brought it west, along with a variety of other Southeast Asian mushrooms. According to this legend, it was found in a field where sacred Pink Buffalo had roamed. Locals there believe that seeing this mushroom is a sign of good luck.

Contemporary mycologists believe it may also be found in Thai rice paddies where water buffalo till the fields. In maturity and under the microscope, this mushroom spore strain is very distinctive and elegant. Its caps are large to very large, often about 25 to 75 mm in diameter. Cap colors vary from a reddish to cinnamon brown to a very pale cream, often with a pronounced nipple in the center. The cap’s surface also tends to get viscid, with a more gelatinous texture than other mushrooms.

Its stems are pale cream to yellow and rather long, spanning 125 to 200 mm in length. The stems turn an intense blue when damaged. Believed to thrive in subtropical, humid climates, the Thai Pink Buffalo is said to produce medium to large fruits in flushes. Its gills are known to turn from gray to black.

The Thai Pink Buffalo mushroom, also known as the Hairy Buffalo Mushroom, is a beloved strain. Under the microscope, it reveals deep, dark purple spores of 5 to 7 μm. Mycologists and microscopists alike will marvel at these spores, which taxonomy researchers call “exceptional.”

Our Thai Pink Buffalo Mushroom Spores are sold suspended inside a 10CC syringe, surrounded by sterile, distilled water. This exotic and potent strain is sure to bring the whole world good luck.

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