Nepal Mushroom Spores


Referred to as the Nepal Chitwan strain of mushroom spores, this strain of mushroom spore originally comes from the Chitwan Province in Nepal at the foot of the Himalayas. It was originally brought to the US by famous amateur mycologist John Allen, and it is believed that all current strains of this mushroom that exist in the USA can be traced to his work.

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This is yet another strain of mushroom renowned for its ability to quickly colonize substrates, making it a popular research specimen among microscopic researchers.

The caps of this strain can reach between 20mm and 70mm in diameter and go from a golden brown color to a light brown as the mushroom matures. The white/yellowish stem can reach lengths from 150mm to 200mm or more and is often hollow with a reflective sheen. Bruising or damage of this strain will produce blue-green colorations.

The cap of this mushroom has a fibrillose veil when young, however this is lost as it approaches maturity, while remnants of the partial veil remain attached to the outer edges of the cap.

Nepal mushroom spores are a dark purple and brown, between 11.5 and 17µm in length, and ellipsoid in shape while the gills of the mushroom are yellowish, becoming darker as the mushroom matures. And like other strains, the Nepal mushroom prefers subtropical climates along with substrates consisting of equine or bovine dung or enriched soils.

While the sale of mushroom spores is legal in the U.S., make sure to check your local state law before purchasing.

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