Mexican Dutch King Mushroom Spores


The Mexican Dutch King mushroom strain, as hinted by its name, originates from Mexican strains of mushroom spores, and was developed by Dutch mycologists in The Netherlands.

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Before the law changes regarding the use of recreational substances in the Netherlands, this variety was cultivated and consumed throughout Holland and with its ready availability, it also became one of the most well-researched varieties as well. Due to its ability to survive in a wide variety of environments, it is perfect for beginner microscopists and mycologists, and thanks to the well documented breeding process of this variety, taxonomists can compare the spore structures of this variety with those of its predecessors for a better understanding of the variety’s development.

The caps on this variety of mushroom can grow to a diameter of over 45mm and have a cinnamon brown to a light brown color. The caps also have a “nipple” on top, much like the Ecuador mushroom variety. The cap shape tends to be bell shaped and round, although there is some variation in shapes.

Mexican Dutch King mushroom stems are slim and grow to between 50mm to 120mm in length, are white with slight shades of yellow, and exhibit blue coloration when touched or damaged. This coloration is different from the blueish green colors of other varieties.

Unlike most other varieties, the spores of the Mexican Dutch King mushroom are an almost black dark brown color when viewed under the microscope. They do however have the regular 11.5-17µm spore diameter and ellipsoid shape common in other varieties.

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