Lex Luther Mushroom Spores


Also referred to as Cream Lex Luther, it is unclear exactly where this particular strain came from, although it is most likely named after the character Lex Luthor from the Superman comic book franchise.

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The Lex Luther strain of mushroom produces caps that are on average 50-75mm in diameter when mature, with the color of the caps starting out as a reddish cinnamon-brown color that changes to a golden brown color when mature. The shape of the cap transitions from convex to plane as it matures, with mature caps featuring an obtuse umbo.

This strain is known for its small spots on top of its caps due to the remnants of its universal veil, and they tend to become sticky to the touch when moist.

The flesh of this strain is white and turns a blue-green when bruised. The stems of the Lex Luther strain tend to grow upwards of 200mm in length and have a pale yellow color, also turning a shade of blue-green when bruised. The stems also have a persistent membranous annulus ring from its partial veil where spores will begin to collect once mature.

The attachment of the gills in this strain are adnate to adnexed, and in initially fruiting mushrooms the gills will be a greyish color, transitioning to an almost black color in maturity.

Like other mushroom spores strains, the Lex Luther strain prefers subtropical climates and grows well in either enriched soils or soils heavy in bovine or equine dung.

Lex Luther spores are a dark purple color and ellipsoid in shape.

Spawn run temperatures of this strain can range between 24°C/75°F and 27°C/80°F, and humidity levels should be kept between 95 and 100%.

Primordia formation temperatures can range between 20°C/68°F and 22°C/72°F.

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