Koh Samui Super Strain Mushroom Spores


This mushroom strain is super, in every way. Known by its large, nearly flat caps and thick stems, the “Super” in its name refers to the strain’s potent properties, typical in mature forms of this fungi. The Koh Samui Super Strain, or KSSS, is one of our most sought-after spores, highly prized in microscopy research due to its resistance to outside contamination, ease of study and its dazzling cell structure.

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Originating in Thailand, the Koh Samui Super Strain, known as KSSS or Thai 2, is an isolate of the popular Koh Samui Mushroom strain, originally discovered by famous ethnomycologist John Allen. It was first found on the island of Ko Samui, in the gulf of Thailand. This small island of 9.3 miles self-isolated until the 1970s, not even constructing roads until then.

Found growing in this pristine habitat, the Koh Samui Super Strain is easily recognized by its large, nearly flat caps, thick stems, and its densely clustered structures. The “Super” in its name references the strain’s potent properties, emblematic in mature forms of this fungus. Mycologist researchers have labeled the KSSS as an aggressive spreader and a quick grower. When found growing in the wild, it is most often found in rice fields that were worked by cattle, as this specific strain thrives in such environments as that of cow dung.

Mycologists, microscopists and all fungi enthusiasts enjoy studying these spores, known for their intriguing microscopic visuals, visible throughout their early development. This spore’s unique features and notable potency also offers vast educational potential. Increased study of these magical plants is proving invaluable to professional researchers, who are expanding our basic knowledge on the medicinal applications of this plant for both patient care and psychiatry. Such study also offers important benefits for historical and anthropological research, exploring why past cultures used such fungi in their local medicinal practices.

The Koh Samui Super Strain is highly valued in taxonomy and microscopic research due to its stability and resistance to outside contamination, as well as its ease of study, even for novices. Our mushroom spores are packed in 10CC syringes of sterile water, containing only the most authentic spores of the KSSS strain. The syringe packaging allows for a mess-free, effortless transference to microscope slides. This strain is a superb addition to any spore tester’s collection.

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