Creeper Mushroom Spores


The Creeper strain of mushroom spores is known for being a fast colonizer and a great research strain for beginners, and is also referred to as Keeper’s Creepers. This variety was first discovered on the island of Maui in Hawaii, and it is thought that it was named Creeper due to the ease and speed at which it grows.

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The spores of the Creeper mushroom strain tend to be either a dark purple or a dark brown, and are the favorite of many researchers due to the fact that this strain is the predecessor of mycelium that colonizes much faster than other strains. Researchers may find characteristics in the spores of this strain that may be visual precursors of the spore’s fast colonizing properties.

The Creeper strain produces mushrooms with round caps and thick stems with the caps being of a red-brown color that changes to a yellow color once mature. The caps can grow to around 35mm in diameter, while the stems can reach over 120mm in length and have a pale yellow or white coloration.

The gills of mature Creeper mushrooms are also known for being wide and protruding, and like other strains, when damaged the cap or stem will turn a bluish color.

This variety can grow in both tropical and subtropical climates and prefers habitats consisting of rye or wheat straw, bovine or equine dung, and enriched soils.

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