Blue Meanie Mushroom Spores


This Mushroom Spores strain was first discovered in the tropics of Australia. It was named Blue Meanie for a few reasons. Blue Meanies were the antagonists in the Beatles’ film ‘Yellow Submarine.’ This strain, known for its potency, is said to be euphoric and likely to transport one on a voyage. These mushrooms also bruise very easily, producing a vivid blue color on its skin. Its intriguing jet-black spores, under the microscope, reveal smooth, opaque and elliptical structures.

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Blue Meanie Mushrooms were first discovered in the warm and tropical climate of Australia. Noted as being prevalent throughout much of Australia, it was found in Western, Southern, and Southeastern Australia. The Australians named this mushroom spore strain ‘Blue Meanies’ for a few reasons.

Blue Meanies were the fictional characters and angry antagonists in the 1968 animated Beatles film, ‘Yellow Submarine.’ This psychedelic musical featured the Beatles escaping from these “meanies” in their submarine until the meanies had a change of heart. This strain is known for its potency, said to be euphoric, visual and introspective, giving it the reputation for transporting one. These mushrooms also bruise very easily, producing a vivid blue color on its skin when it bruises.

There is some confusion to its name, as Blue Meanie was also the nickname for the Panaeolus or Copelandia cyanescens (or pan cyan) strain, which is another mushroom that grows in similar tropical conditions as these mushrooms, but is even more potent. It’s widely believed that a mushroom vendor must have confused these two strains a long time ago, and the name stuck.

When found growing in the wild, the caps of these mushrooms often begin as a light brown, becoming whiter as the mushrooms mature. The caps often feature white speckles, and many caps look ‘cracked’ when fully mature. The flesh is thin, allowing it to bruise easily and giving off its distinctive cyan blue color when bruised. Its stem, or stipe, is relatively thick and tends to be longer and more slender than most, at about 6 to 12 cm. These mushroom spores are also known for being prolific fruiters, with pin sets, flushes, relatively fast colonization times and a farinaceous odor.

For those, like Johns Hopkins University, who are actively researching the medicinal applications of psychedelics, this strain merits further study for its above-average intensity of potency. Its psychoactive effects have often been called “extremely uplifting,” euphoric and energetic, sometimes evoking “happiness and uncontrollable laughter,” along with deep introspection, visual stimulation and even synesthesia. Perhaps this is what the Beatles meant by “a magical mystery tour.”

This is an intriguing specimen. Under the microscope it reveals jet-black spores of 12 – 15 x 7 – 11 µm, with smooth, opaque and elliptical cell structures and germ pores. Our Blue Meanie Mushroom Spores are sold suspended inside a 10CC syringe, surrounded by sterile, distilled water. Mushroom spores from Hidden Forest are for microscopy research purposes only. Study them for yourself, and be transported.

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