B+ Mushroom Spores


The B+ strain is one of the most well-known mushroom spores on planet Earth. Though its origins remain unknown, the original strain was called ‘Herbens B+.’ It’s believed that the ‘B’ stands for big fruits, and the ‘plus’ for very, very big fruits—some spanning 1 foot or longer. Because of its resilient, versatile nature, it’s one of the best choices for those beginning in microscopy.  Its spores are a deep purple to a dark purplish-brown.

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The B+ is a mushroom classic, perhaps one of the best known of the mushroom sprore strains. Though its origins remain a mystery, with some hinting that it originated in Florida, the original strain was called ‘Herbens B+’. It’s believed that the ‘B’ in its name stands for big fruits, and the ‘plus’ for very, very big fruits. Some B+ are said to span 1 foot or longer, with fruits that are often referred to as ‘large to huge.’ Perhaps the most admired aspect of this strain is its survival instincts and versatility, known for being able to withstand most climates and temperatures.

The B+ strain has become a thing of legend. It’s definitely one of our most sought after strains. Known for its tremendous resilience and its large fruit, the B+ consistently receives the title of best-selling strain since the 1990s—numbered among the best-known cubes in commercial mushroom selling history. Because of its forgiving, resilient nature, the B+ is a great choice if you’re just beginning in microscopy.

When found growing in the wild, its caps are big and often caramel-colored, with white interior flesh that bruises blue. Its gills are first gray, then darkening to purple and black, with pale edges. Its stems are often very long and whitish, and also bruise blue. It grows so large in the wild that the stem’s veil will rip and leave a ring of tissue around the stem, like a skirt. Most often found in areas with cattle dung, this strain truly thrives to spread its seed, which is a very heavy spore depositor.

For those in the medical community who are researching the medicinal applications and effects of mushrooms in clinical settings, this strain warrants further study. Its psychonautic qualities and potency are known for producing warm and spiritual trips of a visual kind. Its spores are a majestic and psychedelic deep purple to a dark purplish-brown, with cell structures that are sub-ellipsoid and feature 4-spored basidia measuring 13 x 8 μm.

Our B+ Mushroom Spores are sold suspended inside a 10CC syringe, surrounded by sterile, distilled water. Mushroom spores from are for microscopy research purposes only. Rest assured, the majestic purple spores of the B+ are sure to enchant mycologists and the curious alike.

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