Amazonian Mushroom Spores


Deep from the heart of the Amazonian rainforest comes this unique Mushroom Spores. In the wild, the Amazonian strain is known for being extremely large, with massive stems producing very thick and fleshy mushrooms—some over a foot tall. Under the microscope, the cell structures of this strain come to life, revealing spores that are deep purple to pure black, in shapes as exotic as the Amazon.

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The Amazonian strain of mushrooms are renowned for their sheer size and resilience. Harvested from the heart of the Amazonian rainforest, this strain has maintained its genetic purity over generations, growing in that lush, pristine and isolated environment. Though this makes the Amazonian strain far more difficult to come by, its isolated purity and potency make it one of the most coveted strains for clinical research around the world.

This mushroom strain, when found growing in the wild, is known for its size and speed of growth. If you thought things grew bigger in Texas, wait till you visit the Amazon. The Amazonian mushroom strain is renowned for producing large fruits in dense clusters, and for growing rather quickly. They are also known for their resilience, flourishing in a range of temperatures and environments.

Most mature Amazonian Mushrooms have nippled caps that are cinnamon brown to yellow-brown in color. Known for fruiting very large, thick and fleshy mushrooms, the caps often measure 25 to 50 mm or more. Its thick stems, often 125 mm or longer, are usually a whitish-yellow color that could end up turning blue when touched. While this strain of fungi often grows to be about 6 inches tall, some easily grow to be 12 inches or taller. Incredibly, upon cutting into them, they exhibit a deep blue coloring, indicative of its high potency.

Mycologists and microscopy researchers will be amazed at the Amazonian’s cell structure. Under the microscope its spores come alive, ranging from a deep purple to brown to pure black. Spore shapes are as exotic as the Amazon—most notably, sub-ellipsoid on 4-spored basidia, measuring 11.5 – 17 x 8 – 11 µm. Because of its resilience, this strain is recommended even for novices in microscopy.

Our Amazonian Mushroom Spores are sold suspended inside a 10CC syringe, surrounded by sterile, distilled water. Mushroom spores from Hidden Forest are for microscopy research purposes only. The purity, rarity and sheer beauty of these mushroom spores will amaze and enthrall all researchers. When you can’t visit the Amazon, Hidden Forest will bring the Amazonian to you.

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