Albino Penis Envy Mushroom Spores


For those who know mushrooms, the Albino Penis Envy may be the envy of them all. Created by crossing the notorious Penis Envy strain and the Albino PF strain, the Albino Penis Envy, or APE, is a highly potent member of mushrooms. Due to their unique potency, these mushroom spores are among the most researched in the world. They’re also among the hardest to come by.

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Among all the many different mushroom strains, the Albino Penis Envy is unique. This highly coveted magic mushroom is a hybrid that was created by crossing the Penis Envy strain and Albino PF strain. The unique potency of this hybrid strain makes these mushroom spores among the most researched in the world. Due to its shape and characteristics, it’s also one of the hardest spores to come by.

Albino Penis Envy mushrooms, also known as APE, have small gills that are white and turn bluish when handled or damaged. The caps are 20 mm or larger and turn bluish-green when bruised, or upon maturing. This blue coloration reflects its potency, as blue bruising is a function of higher content. Its distinct phallic shape and white-blue coloring make this strain appear like an alien breed.

It has other distinctions. APE caps do not develop as rapidly as other mushrooms do.  Caps are much more bulbous but with far smaller gills. This means APE mushrooms drop very few spores and are therefore difficult to propagate. Its stalks are short, thick, dense and often purely white. The stems tend to be about 60-100 mm in length and often bulbous near the middle. There is also no persistent annulus there, despite the fact that an annular zone can be observed on the surface.

In the wild, Albino Penis Envy mushrooms are often small in stature but very dense. The spores are near impossible to harvest because APE caps show so little of their gills, and its spores are transparent without a microscope. Because this strain doesn’t reproduce as well as other strains of mushrooms, and they’re slower to mature, the APEs are a rather rare cube strain—kind of like the missing link.

Despite how difficult they are to come by, the Albino Penis Envy is among the most coveted and the most researched in the world. The reason is their unique potency, which has been rated as stronger than other mushroom variants and even stronger than its parental strains of either Penis Envy or Albino PF alone. For clinical researchers studying its medicinal applications, the psychoactive effects of APE includes euphoria, laughter, philosophical introspection and vivid visual stimulation.

Our Albino Penis Envy Mushroom Spores are sold suspended inside a 10CC syringe, surrounded by sterile, distilled water. Mushroom spores from Hidden Forest are for microscopy research purposes only. This rare and potent hybrid mushroom strain is the envy of mycologists around the globe.

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