43-Piece All-in-One Microscope Slide Preparation Kit


This quality microscope kit is a perfect comprehensive kit for microscopy, including staining and preparing your own samples. This all-inclusive kit (43 pieces) is ideal if you’re just starting out and don’t want to spend a lot ordering things individually.

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Microscope slides, 5 p.c.
Coverslips, 5 p.c.
Prepared Slides, 5 p.c.
Single-Well microscope slide
Slide Mailers
Handhold Microtome
Plastic Tweezers
Dissecting needle
Disposable pipets
Absorbent pads
Cotton tipped applicators, normal & Sterile package
Methylene blue in 10 mL dropper bottle
Eosin Y in 10 mL dropper bottle
Petri dish
14 mL test tubes
Lens papers
Gloves, Size M
User manual